The books you read say a lot about your personality

Horror Stories: Everyday life can be boring to you, so you seek excitement.

Sci-Fi: Highly imaginative and creative, you are fascinated by technology and would like to plan for the future.

Comic books: Fun loving and carefree – you refuse to take life to seriously.

Detective Books: You enjoy mental challenges. An excellent problem solver, you’ll tackle problem that most people wouldn’t touch. Poetry: A lover of nature and animals, you often get in touch with your feelings.

History books: You are a productive person who dislikes small talk. You would rather spend your time doing a project then going to a party.

Biographies: Inquisitive, cautious and ambitious, you investigate many options before making a decision.

Classics: You are well mannered, poised and gracious.

Newspaper: If you are into current events then you are a tough minded realist who is receptive to new ideas.

Tabloids: Compassionate and upbeat – you are an entertaining conversationalist with a ready supply of fascinating facts. This makes you a hit at social gatherings.

Financial Magazines:You are competitive and enjoy nothing more than outsmarting people.

Fashion Magazines:You are status conscious and you work hard to improve your social image.

The Bible: Honest and hardworking, you respect authority and find it easy to forgive people.