I was meant to work with books.  It didn’t surprise anyone in my family when I chose to become a librarian.  Originally,  I wanted to work with little kids but I truly think that I have found my niche working with teens.  I love YA literature.  Working as a high school librarian is a challenge at times but it is a challenge I gladly rise to.  Mostly kids either love to read or hate it, looking at it as a task, by the time they come into contact with me on the high school level.  I personally like the first group better but when I change a non reader into a reader by helping the person find something she/he connects with I feel like I won the lottery.     

I read A LOT – this is not an exageration and I am always looking for a good book to read. So if you have a book that you want me to read and review please let me know – books are always something I’ll make time for.  You can email me at coollibrarianchick AT gmail DOT com.

Sometimes I think I was born with a book in my hand. For me reading books allows me to slip into another world that is not my own.  It’s a vacation.  I am constantly asked by people who know me if I can recommend a good book.  For a long time I kept the infomation about what I know about books in my head but its getting really crowded up there so now I am publishing what I know for the world to see. 

All the books listed in these posts and pages are books that I have read and liked.  You will never see in these pages books that I don’t feel are good.  What would be the point of that anyway since I want you to find something among these lists that spark your interest.  Some of these books will appeal to you, some of them won’t. New books will be added all the time. Pick and choose and enjoy.


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