Normally I don’t read romances but the first few pages of Simone Elkeles book Perfect Chemistry just sucked me right in.  This book is a tale of teenage love and of cultures clashing (to say the least)  

Captain of the Pom Poms, Brittany Ellis is perfect or that is what she would like people to believe.  Blond hair, blue eyes, killer body and  always dressed to the 10’s but as we all know looks can be deceiving.  Alejandro “Alex” Fuentes, Mexican, a member of the Latin Bloods is the quintessential bad boy. He exudes raw masculinity with his swagger and unsettling gaze.  At Fairfield High you wouldn’t hear Brittany Ellis’s and Alex Fuentes’ name together in the same sentence at least if the world was in correct alignment.  They are from completely two different worlds – Northsiders and Southsiders do not mix – think The Outsiders –  but their chemistry teacher doesn’t really care about that and the two are forced to partner up for the year.     

 Ay dos mios I totally get why Brittany Ellis has fallen for Alex Fuentes.  There is something about the bad boy that girls just love.  Alex is muy caliente with his black hair that falls in his eyes and washboard abs that you can see beneath his shirt. It was only a matter of before those two hooked up. Every time those two snipped and snapped at each other, the pages of the book just sizzled with electricity.  Perfect Chemistry, aptly titled, is what Alex and Brittany had.  

Perfect Chemistry told in alternating voices was a fun book to read. I even learned a little too – some flavorful spanish words I think my vocabulary was lacking. The book,  lighthearted and  bit cliche with a couple of steamy scenes thrown in didn’t take me long to finish.  Both of the characters were really appealing – Alex especially.  He was a complex young man showing both toughness and tenderness.  Mostly I think this book will appeal to girls but because of Alex’s status as a gang banger, boys may gravitate to the book as well  

I only have one complaint – I wanted more and yes this is coming from the non- romance reader. It seemed like there was a hurried ending. I was still reeling from the climax when suddenly the book was done. I felt like I was missing something. Its a good thing that the sequel Rules of Attraction is due to hit the bookshelves early next year.

I remember saying at the end of Perfect Chemistry that my only complaint about the book I had been that I wanted more, well I can finally say I got more and it was absolutely worth the wait.  Rules of Attraction, the sequel to Perfect Chemistry is downright steamy thanks to another one of those hot Fuentes boys. 

Carlos is the epitome of a bad boy.  He has gang affiliations, just wants to party, never plans on settling down.  In other words he is the exact opposite of his brother Alex who has settled into a comfortable existence with his girlfriend Brittany. Did I mention he is angry too?  The way Elkeles writes, the descriptive words she uses (granted quite a few are in Spanish) allows you to feel the anger radiating off Carlos at times.  Carlos is not a happy camper.  First he was uprooted from Chicago and was taken to Mexico because of problems his brother caused and now he is forced to live with his brother in Colorado because of his own issues.

It was no surprise that Carlos was going to hook up with Kiara. They met on the first day of school. Kiara was to be his guide to help him adjust to the new school and being the good girl she is jumped in wholeheartedly not realizing just how bad his attitude really was. You know girls like Kiara, for all I know you might even be a Kiara. She comes from a good family, has never done anything horrendously bad – basically issueless though thankfully not boring.  I would have put down the book if she was boring because Carlos no matter how interesting he was needed her to keep the story flowing. I was able to see the romance starting to brew a mile a way but I was okay with the predictability. Like I said before teenage girls, especially the good ones can’t seem to get enough of those bad boys.

All in all I liked the book.  It held my attention which I can’t claim that every romance book has done in the past. The romance in the book was muy caliente and watching the duo fall in love was very entertaining. The book told in alternating character viewpoints allowed you to get into both of the character’s heads.  From what I hear a 3rd book is in the works and this one will center around the littlest Fuentes Luis. All I can say is bring it on.