Every once in a while I will read an extremely sappy happy book.  Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater was this month’s candy for me.  It was a rainy day and I curled up in my favorite pj’s in my favorite chair and read and read and kept on reading.  The next thing I knew I was done with the book and the rain had slowed into a drizzle. This review should have been posted months ago when I first read this book. It was recommended to me by another librarian and I in turn recommended to someone else and soon a whole bunch of us had read the book and we all loved it so much that it is now a Florida Teen Reads 2010 selection.  This book will definitely get the girls who love supernatural romance vote.

The story of Grace and Sam comes out in alternating chapters.  Grace has always been fascinated by the wolves who live in the forest which is her backyard.  Especially the yellow eyed one.  Many years ago when Grace was little she was attacked by the pack and a yellow eyed wolf saved her from certain death.  Over the years this wolf and Grace have kept tabs on each other. Sam was that wolf. During the summer months, Sam is human, a very cute human too but when the chilly air arrives in the fall, Sam’s body wants to change back into his wolf form. Winter is both of their favorite seasons because it is then they get to see each other even if it is from afar.    

Early in the season one year, a local teen is killed by the pack of wolves, and the families in town vow revenge and form a hunting party to get these wolves. Nothing can be more devastating for Grace. What if her yellow eyed wolf is hurt or even worse was killed? But as fate would have it she and Sam meet for the first time as boy and girl.  She finds him on her back porch wounded, shot and naked. One look at each others eyes, they knew who each other was. Grace knew that this boy was her wolf.

I got completely caught up in Grace and Sam’s love story. Their struggle to remain together despite the odds reminded me of Romeo and Juliet and of course, Twilight. I found myself really hoping that the two of them would end up together, both human or both wolf, but together. As the novel progressed, and the characters became more and more fully defined, Stiefvater’s absolutely beautiful writing was showcased.  Her descriptions of places, smells, and emotion, were so fresh  – but more importantly – added so much to the story without being too distracting.   Linger is the title of the second book in this series and it comes out in a few weeks.  I already have it on reserve at the library and hopefully it will be a breath of fresh air as its predecessor was.