If you are a Twilight fan then you will like The Short Second life Of Bree Tanner.   Having said that I will also say that this novella by Ms. Meyer was nothing special.  In fact when I heard she was writing this book, I wracked my brain trying to figure out who Bree was.  I almost didn’t finish reading it.  I put it down several times but because someone gave me the book I decided to finish it.

In case you forgot like I did, Bree was one of the newborns. She was made to be in an army of newborns that Victoria uses to destroy the Cullens.  She surrendered to Carlisle and then was killed by Jane at the end of the book.  Eclipse will be in the theater in two days so I understand why the book has come out and the timing of it but still if we were going to get into the psyche of any vampire I would like to get to know Victoria.  She would be a fascinating case study. 

Maybe I am tiring of vampire books or maybe I am just tired of all the Twilight hoopla.  The best thing about the book was that Edward and Bella were not mentioned and it was really short – less than 200 pages. You can read it in one sitting. Actually it is like reading one long chapter – there was only one break in the entire thing.  I did appreciate that Meyer tried to give us a different perspective.  Newborn vampires are different breed all together and we got a glimpse into it. I wasn’t thrilled with the book, but it should satisfy fans who want more of a Twilight fix.

You can download it for free until July 5th, or buy a hard copy.  I recommend buying the hard copy but then again I am a sucker for good causes – $1 from each hard copy goes to the American Red Cross International Fund.