I am trying to think of the correct words to describe Justine Larbalestier’s newest book Liar and I promise no lies either.  It’s hard to explain what this part mystery; part supernatural book was about without giving something away. I can tell you reading this book is very similar to peeling an onion.  Just when I thought I figured her and all of her stories out I realized I didn’t – not even close. One of my students finished Liar before I did. We were talking about the book and what I thought so far and all she would say was “keep reading Ms. R. because everything you think is true you will start questioning”

My parents used to tell me that lying wasn’t nice and would only get you in trouble. I think that everyone lies from time to time though.  I have, not major whoppers, mind you but little white lies here and there.  I wonder what a psychologist would make of Micah. I am not sure what I make of her. There is nothing simple about Micah.  She is one very complex character.  I think she would be an interesting case study that is for sure.     

Micah is liar and she is not lying about that.  She readily admits she lies. The problem is that she is the one who is telling the story and that makes her a very unreliable narrator. The book opens with a promise – Micah is going to tell the truth. No lies.  No Omissions. She promises but then again what do promises mean to a compulsive liar? Some of her lies over time have been believable; others though have been so far-fetched that you think only a really gullible person can believe that story.  She is considered a freak at school because of her lying but that doesn’t stop her from doing it.  I understand how her classmates and teachers feel. Shortly into the book I realized that Micah could be lying to me, the reader. Dealing with someone who lies is annoying and can make you angry. You never know whether you should believe the person or just ignore what he or she says. So why the sudden change of heart? Why all of the sudden tell the truth?  Truth is circumstances, a murder, has occurred and if she doesn’t tell the truth fast enough suspicion about her involvement is going to mount.

I can honestly this book is not like anything I have read before. Liar is an excellent book.  I found the premise of this book to be fascinating. I just can’t tell you truthfully if I liked it or not.