Dumped by his girlfriend of 3 years, Logan is back on the market which is a good thing for the ladies for in his hometown of Boyer, Missouri. Granted the pickings are slim…..Boyer is a very small town.  The people he goes to school with are kids he has known his whole life.  The whole school population can fit on 3 buses.  Very rarely is there a new student…until now.  Sage Hendricks. You can’t help to notice this new girl.  There is something about her that draws you to her. Sage is amazingly tall, full of freckles and smile that would disarm you in seconds. Describing her a few adjectives just doesn’t do her justice.  Maybe this is exactly what Logan needs to get over his ex.  It’s no surprise that he acts on his feelings – what red blooded young male wouldn’t? But there is something off about Sage like she is hiding something.  Her parents seem super strict with her but not so much with her sister. Sage up until this year has been home-schooled and is not allowed to date. On the other hand, Tammi is allowed to date and has always gone to public school.  

This is the first book I have read about gender issues. Many people have trouble getting their heads around the idea of a person being transgendered.  As open-minded as I like to think I am, I am the first to admit that I don’t understand gender identity issues at all but I think it must be horrible to be born in a body you can’t identify with.  Logan’s confusion about Sage was genuine. At first Logan wants nothing to do with her.  He feels duped, completely disgusted that the girl he has fallen for is really a guy. It has him wondering if he is actually gay.  Eventually the anger subsides and he realizes that he misses having her around. I am betting that probably the hardest thing for transgender individuals is dealing with the people in their day-to-day lives. The decision to become a girl was not a decision Sage easily made. Ultimately though she just felt more comfortable being a girl and wasn’t asking for any special treatment. Sage’s father’s reaction, the anger and disappointment was understandable. Parents must have an awfully hard time moving from having a son to having a daughter and from daughter to son. He knew that life was not going to be easy for her.  He knew how many people would react after-all he reacted the same way. Ignorance breeds prejudice and misunderstanding and you never know how hostile the reaction will be.  

Gender identity issues are tricky. Many issues are brought up in this book that everybody – Logan, his family, Sage and her family that has to be dealt with. Nothing about this is cut and dried. There are many teenagers out there who are struggling with their gender identity.  The book doesn’t shy away from examining the prejudices and misconceptions often held about transgendered people and puts them out there for us to examine. Personally I think people deserve to be treated with compassion, and not made to feel like freaks, regardless of whether you understand what they’re going through or not.