Don’t read this review if you have not read Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz yet.  I would rather you read the book and then read my review.  I don’t want to color anybody’s judgement.  After all you might disagree with my opinion……

He saved her life from an out of control car and then disappeared.  Camilia can’t forget this boy and still feels his touch where his hand met her skin.  School is starting and instead of looking forward to all the new date possibilities, she is dwelling on this mysterious guy.

Turns out the mysterious guy is named Ben Carter and him and Camilia will be seeing alot of each other as he is the new guy at school and ends up being her chem partner as well.  Things though are not smooth sailing for this duo as Ben freezes Camilia out, actually denying that he ever met her.  Kinda of weird if you ask me. It gets even stranger after he touchs her again and insists that she is in danger.

Ben isn’t the real problem, though. Camilia has an unknown stalker.  When she recieved the first photo in her mailbox, she thought it was a practical joke but things took a turn toward with each subsequent photo put in her mailbox and a gift left by her window. She remembers what Ben said that she is in danger but who can she trust? Who is fixating on her?

I expect alot out of Laura Stolarz since I liked her Blue is for Nightmare series so much.  I was quite happy to learn that she was starting a new series – Touch Novels which are  about psychometry, the ability (for better or worse) to sense the future through touch.  The first 2 books of the series are currently available – Deadly Little Secret and Deadly Little Lies.  So far I have only read the first one and am debating about reading the second.  I didn’t love it but then again I didn’t hate it.  I liked it okay. Page after page the book seemed eerily similar to Twilight.   

The story moved quickly, there were enough twists and turns to engage the reader but at many times I felt like I knew what was coming next and when I am reading a mystery, thrill and chill type of book, I want to be kept on the edge of my seat until the very end. I did however  really like the stalker snipits at the beginning of the chapters – she did a good job of showing how he went from just an admirer to someone who had the potental of being dangerous though I figured out who it was long before the final conclusion. 

 Also I was a little disapointed with the ending – the ending didn’t do anything for me. It just ended. It simply left me  literally in mid-air.  I’m fine with open endings as long as the next book in the series is available. Thankfully in this case it is otherwise I would’ve wanted a real ending.

Personally, books that are part of  a series frustrate me especially when it takes the author a year or so to add another one and then another one. I’ve tried waiting for the entire series to come out before picking up a series but it doesn’t always work out. I like to wait for the sole reason that it’s so frustrating to have to wait. But at the same time, it’s hard to wait…..

I am not telling you not to read this book or any other subsequent books in the series. I thought it was okay –  I just had a few “buts”