Jessica thought she was typical normal teenager getting ready to graduate from high school and go off to college.  Then Lucius Vladlescu came into the picture and it turns out that Jessica may not be a typical teenager at all. Lucius is a vampire.  Yup, you heard correctly. Lucius is a vampire from Romania.  I know what you thinking another book like Twilight, right? Yes and no. Sure there is a gorgeous vampire and yes he gets involved with a mortal and falls in love but it is the road to the love part that the similarities to Twilight end. I am so glad that this was not another book about a girl like Bella gung-ho about being a vampire just because her beloved was  

Jessica always knew she was adopted. Her parents work as anthropologists and while they were studying a group of people in Romania she came into their lives.  Jess’s real parents were killed but before they died they begged the Packwoods to raise her as their own. Wait there is more….

Would you believe Jessica is actually Anastasia, a Romanian vampire princess? Hard to believe, I know and Jessica has a hard time swallowing that information herself. She is also supposed to actually marry Lucius at 18, claim her birthright and save vampire-hood from destruction.  Slow down, Jessica is thinking. Vampires don’t exist.  It is something movies and books made up to draw in the crowds. So she resists Lucius and resists and resists.  Of course the more she resists the harder he tries. Lucius has his work cut out for him if he thinks that he can win Jess over that easily. Lucius may be gorgeous but he is also a pompous arrogant pain in the you know what. The situation is so infuriating that Lucius eventually gives up and focuses his attention elsewhere and wouldn’t you know it is then that Jess realizes she has feelings for him. There were quite a few times that I thought there is no way these two will ever get together.

One of the highlights of this book is letters written home to his Uncle Vasile.  Through the letters we learn a lot about Lucius and how he is adjusting to American life. The combination of his European charm and sarcasm made me laugh aloud many times throughout the book.

Jessica and Lucius are dynamic characters and throughout the book they grow.  Lucius loses some of his obnoxiousness and Jess becomes more confident in who she really is. My favorite part is the where they go shopping for regular clothes for Lucius. Five stores and 500 dollars later, Lucius looked like almost normal and very hot. Girls will definitely swoon when they see him walking down the hallway in school.  But it was the dress in the window that the transformation in Jess starts to take place.  Lucius shows her with one dress how a Romanian princess should look.  I applaud him for telling her that she should never say again that she is not valuable or beautiful.  Fat is one word that should never cross her lips ever again.

Beth Fantaskey really did a good job developing these characters.  It is hard to believe this is her first book.  The book moves along very quickly and Fantaskey keeps us on our toes up until the very last page. If you are a fan of vampire novels, I’d put this one on the top of your list. Maybe,  just maybe there will be a sequel.