The world is soon going to know Samira Armin Hodges.  She is new to the YA lit scene with a book called Milestones that is coming out in August which I am dying to read

This is a blurb  from the authors website:

One day. That’s how long it took for fourteen year-old Faye Martin’s
ordinary life to take a dramatic and unexpected turn. First, she gets struck
by lightning. Second, Benjamin Parker, the object of her obsession,
witnessed her near-death experience. Finally, her parents force her to
leave her hometown of Seattle to attend a summer camp, aptly named
‘Camp Milestone’.

Only, Camp Milestone is no ordinary camp. Before she knows it, Faye finds
herself caught in a whirlwind of uncertainty, torture, calamine lotion and
romance….All in the name of summer camp. But as the summer unfolds,
she realizes there is much more to Camp Milestone than meets the eye.
Will she be able to unravel the mystery that surrounds this unusual camp?
And more importantly, will she be able to survive the madness long enough
to put the pieces together.

Tell me you not going to rush out to your local bookstore on August 1st to get this book, I know I will!!!!

Check out the book trailer: