One year the YA market is saturated with chick lit books, another year it’s vampires; this year, it seems that the trend is toward books with a futuristic theme.  Just recently I read 4 books, Dangerous Days of Daniel X, Declaration, Unwind and Hunger Games plus there are a few more on my bookshelf waiting to be read.   I have never really been a fan of sci fi books mostly because I had trouble with the concept of aliens and civilizations on other planets but there is something about these books with the dysopian theme that grabs my attention. Personally I think it’s because this theme plants the seed in a reader’s mind that these situations are not out of the realm of possibility. It’s definitely a great way to get the juices in your brain flowing when you start thinking about “what if”.  Perhaps these books also serve as a wake up call to what could happen if we keep abusing the world we live in and maybe now not later we work on fixing our wrongs.


Maybe one day there will be a drug like Longevity that people could take and not worry about aging and dying like in Gemma Malley’s Declaration.  Of course then you can have a whole host of other issues such as being a “surplus” like Anna was in the book.  Or maybe one day like in the Neal Shusterman’s book, Unwind we will see a law in place like the Bill of Life, which ends abortion but allows parents tobe able to have their children “unwound” between ages 13 and 18. “Unwinding” is the transplanting of every part of the teens’ bodies; since every bit of their bodies is still “alive.  Let me tell you the part where they describe the unwinding in detail is truly creepy and disturbing. The world we live in now is technologically savvy so stepping it up one notch like Suzanne Collins does in Hunger Games is not that unrealistic.  Hopefully there will never be Hunger Games per say where the only way to win is to survive but who knows maybe one day big brother and the rest of the world will really be watching you 24/7 and taking bets on what you will do. I can’t wait until the sequel Catching Fire to come out…only…sigh..6 more months.  Let’s move on to James Patterson’s book Dangerous Days of Daniel X . His book is just a fun book to read. You really can’t go wrong when your plot contains people who have super hero abilities and combine it with extraterrestials, machines and loads of sci-fi adventure. Pulitzer prize winning literature? Nooo but that doesn’t mean that you should pass by this light quick read. It will suck the reluctant boy reader in who constantly says “I hate reading” and “reading is boring”. 
These books just suck you in. Next on my list to read is Little Brother by Cory Doctorow.