I have a pile of books sitting on my nightstand that need to be read. For the longest time Blood Brothers by S.A. Harazin sat on the top of the pile – untouched. I finally got around to reading it the other day and I am so glad that I did. Once I started reading it, it was nearly impossible to put down. It is a story of friendship mixed with suspense. It is a story of consequences.


17 year Clay Gardner had a long tough day at work as a med tech in the local hospital. Before his shift he got into a fight with his best friend Joey over a girl.  Working with a lot on your mind is not an easy task but Clay is responsible and conscientious always going above and beyond his duties. He has dreams, big dreams of becoming a doctor one day. A recent graduate, Clay is thinking his future is bleak since he doesn’t have the grades or the money to go to a big name school like Duke where his friend Joey is going in the fall. Right before he is to get off work, a young girl is rushed into the ER and later dies from her injuries. Seeing the girl die, makes Clay realize that he has to make things right with Joey. Unfortunately that won’t be happening anytime too soon.  When he finds Joey, Joey is crazed, hopped up on something which forces Clay to not only call 911 but defend himself, fight off bodily harm.  What did Joey take?  This couldn’t be just extreme drunkenness, could it? No, we learn, it is not. Joey has taken the deadly drug PCP.  How in the world could this have happened everyone wants to know. Sometimes though answers are hard to find – especially when few are talking.  Joey is no help as he is fighting for his life in the hospital and eventually lapses into a coma. And this is where the mystery begins.  Suspicion drops a net over everyone, Clay included since he was the last one to see Joey, technically. Understandably Clay is distraught, after all his best friend, a guy who is close as blood is on deaths door and not only can he not make it right with him but he has no idea what happened. The more you delve into the book the more insight you gain into Clay’s psyche. Clay is so likable (if only more teenage boys were like him)  so I found myself aching for Clay – hoping things would eventually turn out okay but here is the thing: life doesn’t always have happy endings and it is not sunshiny and rosy for everybody. There are times that you just have to roll with the punches.

This could’ve turned into a melodramatic, preachy “see what happens when you make the wrong choice” type of book but Harazin instead with the plot twists and writing style turned into some realistic and believable. I love it when I can stay it was a good book because it was just darn good storytelling.  Absolutely looking forward to seeing what else this writer can do.