What do we know about love? Love has secrets, some are meant to be revealed and some are meant to stay under the cover. When someone leaves you without explanation, an unanswered question mark flashes over and over as you go about the daily grind.  Its tough to live with unanswered questions.  Nora Raleigh Baskin story “All We Know of Love” is just that type of story.  Natalie, the protagonist in the story wants to know why her mother left her four years, four months and fifteen days ago to be exact.  I know the feeling of wanting to know and understood why she goes on a journey to find the answer. The journey taken by bus, with a ticket bought without anyone knowing, leads her to Florida and to the answer containing both love and loss. The journey is not an easy one for her as she wrestles with issues that take place before the bus ride like a pregnancy scare and lying to her father and best friend Along the way Natalie meets various interesting people – all whom have stories themselves that are similar to her own.  They have their own love and loss stories and Natty’s perception of the people she meets has a huge impact on her life forcing her to examine certain relationships she has. It is a coming of age tale, a tale of self-discovery and healing. The story is an easy one to fall in love with because it is all about love and as we know love comes in many shapes and forms.  Maybe we don’t know about love at all.