I remember reading a blurb about Elizabeth Scott’s Living Dead Girl not the long ago. I remember thinking “now that is book I want to read”…. I started Living Dead Girl last night. Seriously, I couldn’t put the book down, I had to know what was going to happen to Alice…..The only problem was that it was reaching my bedtime….In the end sleep won over but I picked up right where I left off when I got to work the next day.

This was a story of caution. This was a story of a little girl who was abducted by a child predator. My mother used to tell my brother and I not talk to strangers all the time. We wouldn’t even think about going off with someone we didn’t know.  There were a few times throughout the story I wondered why Alice didn’t run, escape. With each turning page you realize how traumatized Alice really is. She used to tactics such as anxiety, numbing and avoidance just to say alive. Ray’s increasingly violent actions show just how much of a fear-provoking situation she really was in.

Usually I am very chatty with my students in the morning but I shooed them all away so I could finish it.  Of course they wanted to know what has caught my attention so completely….

I read a whole bunch of reviews about Living Dead Girl after I finished reading the book because I was curious to see if people felt basically the same way I did about it.  In the various reviews I read, people used these adjectives over and over again to describe Living Dead Girl: intense, horrifying, heartbreaking, scary and uncomfortable. Some people said that this is definitely not a young adult book.  I am going to say it is however I am going to stress because of the brutal nature of the plot that it is not for young teens.  Even as an as an adult cringed a little bit. The sad truth is that Alice situations can and do happen.  It’s nearly unthinkable, but every year thousands of children become victims of crime-whether it’s kidnappings, violent attacks, or sexual abuse. Do I think that my students would gravitate to this book if I included it my library collection?  Yes I do because I notice that most teens want to read about subjects that mirror real life issues, intense as they may be.

 This a story that will stick with you long after the last page….