Creepy is a good word to use to sum up Thomas Fahy’s newest book, The Unspoken.  Admittedly I am not a horror reader, I read Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot years ago and it completely freaked me out, but this book, though suspenseful and creepy, I liked and couldn’t put down.  This Fahy’s first YA novel and let me tell you he nailed it with this well written plot that moves seamlessly between the present and flashbacks of the past.

In five years time, your greatest fear will consume you and rob you of your last breath“, the so called religious prophet Jacob Crawley claimed before the Divine Path compound, a community cult, was burned down to the ground. The premise made me think about my worst fears and I shuddered.  The six teens that burned down the compound all went on to lead other lives never forgetting what was said. They also never forgot the ritual abuses they faced at the hands of Crawly and The Confessional. Though physically free from the cult, mentally, the scars are still there and inner peace has eluded them.   Fast forward five years and they are reunited, though not under great circumstances at the funeral of one of the teens.  Harold died of drowning which was his worst fear. After the funeral, the suspense mounts as one by one the teens are picked off, quite gruesomely and dying by what they consider their worst fear.  Could what Jacob claimed actually be coming true? Is the prophecy really true? Is there something supernatural going on in this town?  Or did someone survive the fire and is hell bent on revenge?  If you like horror books, this one won’t disappoint you.