As with the rest of the Twilight fans, I wanted to see how the Twilight Saga end was going to play out. I know some people are going to give me crap for this: I admit I am not a  fan of any of the books except for the first one.  I had high hopes for the saga especially after the first one but I will never jump on the “OMG I Ioved it” bandwagon.  Let’s face it – the writing is not going to net Meyers a Nobel prize in Literature. Throughout all the books there were things that irked me about her style of writing.  The way she used such flowery descriptions sometimes drove me bonkers and there were many things that irked me about Bella, Edward and even Jacob.  Bella will never be the poster child for NOW (for those of you who don’t know National Organization for Woman) She is way too whiny and indecisive, especially in Eclipse.  Absolutely no backbone either so dependent on Edward.  Now I know first love can be rough especially as a teenager but never did I feel that I absolutely couldn’t live without a guy.  She needed to stand up on her own two feet a little more. Edward, was for the most part the perfect gentleman but still managed to creep me out sometimes.  He was so controlling.  I read somewhere that he was the epitome of what a man should be….oh please are you kidding me?? Would you push your daughter to someone who can so easily kill her?  As for Jacob, I wished he would find his own girl, someone not taken, that actually showed interest in just him.  I hated the fact that that he just wouldn’t give up even though Bella clearly spelled it out that she wanted Edward. Sometimes I honestly wondered what was the point of his presence in the stories to begin with.  The love triangle Meyers was going for fell flat

And this brings us to Breaking Dawn – I am sorry to all the die hard Twilight fans first because I can’t say I loved this book. Truth be told – I hated it and  I would rate it a 1  out of 5.   I refused to read any spoilers beforehand so I will admit I was a little taken back with the pregnancy but it was no surprise that Bella had to fight for her life and in order to “live” was turned. Can’t say that I was surprised that Jacob imprinted on Bella’s daughter either, after all she is as close to Bella as he is going to get. Can you say pedohile?  I found it to be kinda creepy after all she is only a baby albeit fully grown by age 6. Other things that bothered me included Bella becoming so family oriented all of a sudden. I know all the books are long but did Meyer suddenly forget that Bella’s relationship with Charlie and Renee was not always perfect and that she didn’t seem keen on marraige and family at all in the other books.  Also I noticed how Bella wasn’t klutzy at all in this book. Amazing what vampiric powers can do for one’s coordination…. And since when are she and Rosalie become so close?   Everything was so neatly tied up –  happily ever after. All we needed was a pretty red bow.  I wonder how many endings she had and did she use this ending because so many people wanted Bella and Edward together…..