In my last post I commented that there will be no shortage of books to choose from after Twilight series comes to an end.  Already, I found one that might fit the bill – Kelly Armstrong’s The Summoning, book 1 in Darkest Powers Trilogy.  This is Ms. Armstrong’s first YA book.  Her other books, The Otherworld’s series have legions of fans.  I think she will have legions of teen fans once they discover this new series.

Chloe is a normal teenage a girl or so she thought.  Normal was what she strives to be with friends, good grades, being pretty and maybe having a guy or two like her. On the petite side, five foot nothing as she says, Chloe looked a like a little girl. Her mother died when was young and she lives with her father who is away more than he is home on business. She attends an art school with dreams of becoming a movie director. Little does Chloe know that her life will soon resemble a horror movie.  The day starts out ordinary enough; Chloe is worried about her Spanish midterm, fretting because she did not study enough. Ordinary doesn’t last long and in the afternoon she discovers she finally got her period and sees a ghost. Talk about a double whammy. Not only does she the ghost but the ghost sees her as well and really wants her attention.  Freaking out in school, she ends up in a group home for disturbed kids.  The doctors diagnose her as schizophrenic.  The drugs and the therapy she receives aren’t exactly stopping the appearance of ghosts. Maybe the rest of the kids and her aren’t as “disturbed” as the doctors say. Quite possibly the Lyle House is not what it seems either…..

I think a lot of people are going to like this book.  There is a right mix of supernatural fantasy and action to draw the reader in from the first page. Chloe has all the makings of a great teenage heroine.  She is smart and stronger than she thinks.   Teen girls may see a little of Chloe in themselves, full of insecurities that normally plague teenagers. On a good note this book isn’t filled with whiny “life sucks” attitude.  Chloe realizes that things are off and instead of crying out and sulking; she takes a stand to find out what is going on.  Yay! for Chloe!  There are even some hints of a romance brewing with a fellow boy at the house which girls will definitely like. My only gripe is that it ends in a cliff hanger style. I have always hated cliffhangers whether it is books, television shows or movies.  I know the purpose is to make you want more but it is the wait that kills me. Ugghh….now I am going to have to wait until the Awakening to find out what happens to Chloe and her friends.