I love good books. The Last Exit to Normal by Michael Harmon is a good book.  Mark Harmon follows up his first book, Skate with a story that proves this author is here to stay.  The main character, Ben Campbell in this book is someone I was able to relate to – he’s eerily very much like my brother back in his youth.  Ben is angry – who could blame him – his dad came home one day and announced he was gay, splitting up the family. So what does every young angry man do?  He does things that he knows will tick off others.  In other words, he becomes self-destructive.  Never though in a million years did he think that his dad would take him out of the city and make him move to rural and I mean rural Montana.  Rough Butte, Montana isn’t exactly what one would call cosmopolitan. They move to the farm of his father’s boyfriend, Edward. Miss Mae, Edward’s mother is a trip.  She is rough around the edges but still full of love.  The first thing she asks Edward after not seeing him in about 20 years when they arrive is if he is still “funny.”  How is a city boy supposed to survive in a place like that?   Farm life is supposed to teach you values and responsibility. I guess that was the whole point of the move.  Will Ben stay the rebellious skate boarding city boy or will Miss Mae and the rest of the characters he meets turn him into a hardworking cowboy?