I have to tell you about a book that made me laugh out loud.  I Love You, Beth Cooper; Larry Doyle’s creation is wickedly funny.  This may be Doyle’s first novel but this is probably not the first time he has made you laugh as he used to be a writer for the Simpson’s and Beavis and Butthead.  There are some great lines in this book showcasing Doyle’s talent..  Think Sixteen Candles, Freaks and Geeks, Fast Times at Ridgemont High….you get what I mean.  As I was reading the book, it was quite easy picturing it becoming a movie.  Sure enough, it is, coming out sometime in 2009.

 How many of you remember your high school graduation including the valedictorian speech?  Please if you graduated last year, don’t answer.  I know that I don’t remember mine but I am sure I would if something memorable took place like what happened when Denis Cooverman delivered his speech.  The typical graduation speech reminisces about the years past and mentions the promises and dreams of years to come.  That is the kind of speech Denis should’ve given except he chose a different route.  He chose to tell everybody in his graduating class and all the guests that he loved Beth Cooper.  His speech was one of those fine examples of not looking before leaping.  His declaration might have been okay if he was in the same league as Beth Cooper but he is not even in the same universe as her.  Dennis is a huge geek like to the tenth power and Beth is beautiful, the head cheerleader, every guy’s fantasy.

Beth thought his declaration was embarrassing but still kind of sweet and she decided that she would let him live.  Others didn’t quite see the speech the same way (he outed quite a few people) especially Beth’s muscle head, Army enlisted boyfriend Kevin.  From that point on hilarity ensues as complications from the declaration mount.  Graduation night for Denis and his best friend Rich end up being a roller coaster ride of wild antics and illegal activities, as they dodge death at the hands of the Army enlisted coked up boyfriend and interact with Beth, her friends Treece and Cammie as well as other classmates. Grad night was the most memorable night of  Denis Cooverman’s high school career.

On July 10th – I love you Beth Cooper hits the movie theatres – cheesy high school comedy but could be kinda fun