“The Market” by JM Steele is definately a readable, entertaining chicklit book.  I liked The Taker, the first book by this author so now the author is 2 for 2.  You find yourself rooting for Kate to make it through this book unscathed, with friends still at her side and together with a boy she likes. I don’t think there is a high school out there where popularity is not important. Girls want to hook up with the hottest guys and guys want to hook up with the hottest girls.  Amongst friends lists of the top ten girls and guys in the school are always made up.  But what if someone took these lists a little bit farther? Millbank HS and the NASDAQ have something in common.  NASDAQ as we know is a private or public market for the trading of company stock and piecces of company stock at an agreed price and Millbank High School has its own variation of NASDAQ called the Millbank Social Stock Market.

When we first meet Kate she is getting ready to go to a party at the most poular girl’s house in school. An invite waas placed in her locker  but even so she couldn’t have felt more out of place or rejected if she tried. Before she leaves, someone addresses her as #71.  Curious about the reference to the number, she says nothing and leaves.

Her questions are answered about the #71 in a mysterious IM she recieves.  The messenger tells her to check out http://www.millbankmarket.com. It looks just like something you would see in the Wall Street journal – stock listings and end of the day values.  However it turns out that it is that ranking of all the senior girls at Millbank and 71 turns out to be the rank of Kate. Dismal position she thinks considering that there are only 140 girls in the class.  The first twenty stocks were blue chip stocks. No surprise – where else would all the popular girls be. Kate’s status – junk bond! No one wants to be a junk bond so Kate and friends devise a plan to make her into a blue chip stock. The payoff for making her stock rise could be huge – end of the year about $25,000 for the biggest portfolio.  She gets a complete makeover, hair, makeup, wardrobe and people start noticing.  Blue Chip status is almost reachable but it turns that there is a price to pay for her newfound popularity.  Old friends are alienated, her reputation is almost ruined and the guy she likes ends up betraying her. She learns a lot about herself and others around her as the market prices rise and fall.