Blood Roses -Francesca Lia Block

On Francesca Lia Block’s website, there are a bunch of words lumped together reminding me of magnetic poetry that have been used to describe her work.  I couldn’t agree more with the words reviewers have used.  The one word that kept jumping out at me was lyrical.  I was looking for a word to describe what I thought about her newest literary novella, Blood Roses and that describes it perfectly.  Surreal and dreamy would be good adjectives to use as well.

The book is broken into 9 short stories.  All of the stories deal with a transformation of some sort whether it is physical or emotional. Not once in any of her stories is the magical element questioned – it is just accepted. My favorite story out of all the stories is called Skin Art.  Basically, it is about the all-consuming power of first love and how after time has passed it is not as great as once thought.

Easy to read, this little book sucks you in especially if you are a fan of thought provoking fantasy as she straddles the line between the worlds of magic and reality.  The stories seem very personal, emotional, even at times, irrational. You definitely can’t argue with the quality of writing – Francesca Lia Block is a very good writer but with that said she is not for everyone. People that are into the art and intellectual scene will enjoy her work as the stories are rich in sensory detail. Hail to the queen of magical realism.