Living so close to Disney I always wondered what would happen if the characters went on strike.  Would the park close down or would the powers to be make it look like Disney was the still the “happiest place on earth”? I think it would be kind of fun to step into the role of a Disney character for just a little while. Brad Barkley and Heather Hepler tell a pretty good tale about a group of young adults who are hired to be “scabs” when the regular characters go on a strike with Dream Factory.  Costumes hide so much more than your face.  Easily they can hide emotions you feel. The story centers around 2 of the cast mates – Ella and Luke.  The book is told in alternating viewpoints of the two characters. Disney fans and fans of romance books will enjoy reading this one. I know I did.

Ella is high school graduate bidding her time until college starts in the fall.  At the moment she is kind of lost, adrift in the world, bottling her sadness deep inside of her. Her brother died in a car accident and she is having trouble dealing with it.  Her parents don’t deal with the situation at all, instead run off to work in Africa to some missionary work.  So now she is working at Disney as Cinderella’s replacement.  Ella is nothing like Cinderella and truth be known she just got the job because she was the right size. As she says although it is a plum role, all the cheerful friendliness is starting to take its toll on her.

The guy that is Dale’s replacement is a hottie but you would never know it because he is inside a hairy smelly costume all day not saying a word just waving to visitors old and young. If you take a superficial look at Luke’s life, you might be envious because it seems that he has everything, including a gorgeous girlfriend. But as we all know looks can be deceiving. Luke  doesn’t need this job – he has a job all set up for his taking in the family business.  The problem is that he doesn’t work want to work for his dad and this Disney gig is good delay tactic.   All the characters are made to participate in a scavenger hunt on Disney grounds. The powers-to-be thought it would be a great team building, moral boosting activity.  Luke is paired up with Ella when his girlfriend Cassie bails on him to team up with the Disney know-it-all, Mark.   Cassie wins but at the same time she loses as Luke and Ella discover the magic of Disney as well as the undeniable attraction between themselves .

Every story about Cinderella and Prince Charming has them living together happily ever after. Should Ella give a it go with Mark, a Disney fanatic, a real nice guy who places the Prince to her Cinderella or will this book rewrite history? Can you picture Cinderella ending up with someone other than Prince Charming?  Can dreams really come true?  Read Dream Factory to find out for sure.