These books don’t fall in any catagory per se but they are worthy of a mention so I created a new list just for them.

 Click – One Novel Ten Authors 

How many times have you looked at a photograph and wondered what the story was behind it?  Photographs indicate relationships within and among people and nature.  Photographs document one’s perception of the world.George Keane Henschler or “Gee” as he likes to be called and his granddaughter Maggie are the epicenter for all the stories in the book, Click – One Novel Ten Authors

The book starts off with a short story by Linda Sue Park. The authors that contributed to this book make up quite an impressive list: Deborah Ellis, Ruth Ozeki, Eoin Colfer, David Almond, Roddy Doyle, Nick Hornby, Margo Lanagan and Gregory MacGuire Parks gets the ball rolling beginning with Gee’s death and how it affects his granddaughter Maggie and his grandson Jason.  She was terribly close to him and loves to hear his stories about his adventures of a photojournalist traveling the world.  When he dies, he gives her a box, with seven compartments holding shells with a note telling her to “throw it back”   We learn that this serves as a map for her life’s adventures.  Jason on the other hand is little bitter after finding out he is adopted decides to reject his grandfather’s gift of photographs and wants to sell them so he can look for his real father. He comes across a letter from Gee when he is about to steal something from him that basically changes his life.  He knows that Jason has pilfered from him and now wants him to think about the people who love him and road he is on and where it will lead.     

The rest of the stories all by different authors take a part of the first story and do their own spin on it.  One author chooses to write about how the box came into existence.  Another author looks at the name “Keane” and writes a story connecting the family to an Irish Legacy. And still another author continues the story of Maggie now Margaret as she nears the end of her.  Each story even though different than the one before blends into each other almost seamlessly.  Read by itself it might just be a bunch of nice short stories but when all the stories are put together like so in this book it makes you realize that many relationships are circular in nature.  Connections people make with random people they meet can have far reaching effects. 

Click besides being interesting is also benefiting Amnesty International.  All royalties from the book will be donated to the group which serves to protect people’s human rights

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